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didactica – continuing education in teaching and learning at UZH and ETH Zurich

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Target group

The courses offered by the ‘didactica’ program are intended for all lecturers and teaching staff of the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. Consequently, the courses focus primarily on the central questions related to the design of study programs and modules, the planning of lectures and seminars and the integration of this planning into teaching. In addition, questions related to, for example, quality development and the particular features of university teaching are also given due attention. The courses are intended for lecturers and teaching staff of all disciplines, although some courses pay particular attention to the specific aspects and traditions of selected disciplines; these are referred to accordingly in the course titles. Each course makes its own specific contribution to the continued development of comprehensive teaching proficiency. They are intended for staff at all stages and levels of their academic career; only a few selected courses are limited to a specific target group.

Course formats

The courses are designed to last for half-a-day up to two or a maximum of three days.
All courses not only provide new input but also encourage the active acquisition and implementation of the knowledge gained. In order to promote the transfer of knowledge and ensure it has a lasting effect, the main focus is on critical and discursive reflection as well as on how to apply and utilize the knowledge gained in the participants’ own teaching.

ECTS-credit points

Participants can obtain 1 ECTS-credit point in this course. In order to obtain this credit point, they have to be present during the whole course, they have to participate actively and they also have to be assessed. If all these conditions are met, the ECTS-credit point will be mentioned on their certificate of participation. The approval and awarding of the ECTS-credit point can only be done by the respective faculty, by the respective department, or –in case of a doctorate- by the supervising Professor or the responsible authority. The participants are requested to inform themselves about the chargeability of ECTS-credit points at the responsible authority.

«didactica» – one programme, two centers

Center for University Teaching and Learning of the University of Zurich

Alongside ‘didactica’ the Center for University Teaching and Learning also offers a broad range of continuing education courses and advisory services for teaching staff and those responsible for study programmes at the University of Zurich.

Additional information:
University of Zurich, Center for University Teaching and Learning
Hirschengraben 84, CH-8001 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 634 41 48 /

LET – Educational Development and Technology of the ETH Zurich

Alongside ‘didactica’, LET offers a broad range of services for teaching staff at the ETH.

Additional information:
ETH Zurich, Educational Development and Technology LET,
HAD G 16.1, Haldenbachstrasse 44, CH-8092 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 632 42 83 /

General conditions and cancellations

Registrations are processed according to date of receipt.
You will receive a confirmation by email upon receipt of your application.
The courses are free of charge for members of the ETH and the University of Zurich. The cost for members of other Swiss universities and universities of applied science is CHF 200 per half-day.
We provide confirmation of attendance at our courses. We reserve the right to cancel courses with insufficient participants or to hold them in a different form.

Cancellation conditions

With your registration you agree to attend all parts of the course.

Course regulations

Cancellations up to 8 days prior to the start of the course: no cancellation fee
Cancellations between 7 days and 1 day prior to the start of the course: CHF 50.-
Non-attendance or incomplete attendance: CHF 100.-

In justified exceptional cases the fees can be waived.
The following are regarded as exceptions: illness, accidents, cases of death in the family, and force majeure. The Center for University Teaching and Learning must be informed of the reasons for non-attendance. In cases of doubt, the Administration will make a decision.

If you have any questions regarding didactica please contact:
Administration «didactica»
c/o University of Zurich, Center for University Teaching and Learning
Tel. +41 44 634 41 48 /